SiriusXM Releases New iOS App – Version 3.0

There is hope for all of you SiriusXM iOS app users as your favorite satellite radio provider has finally sunk some thought and resources into their online listening experience.


This new app boasts features including speedier tune times, synced settings across devices, enhanced search, personalized recommendations, and social integration.

Although it may not be touted as a bullet point feature, gone are the days of using your pinky finger on those tiny little touch targets as the new app features large clickable areas that leave room for the fattest of fingers. Finally no more miss-clicks and accidental deletions!

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SiriusXM’s Two Star App Plagued with More Mysterious OnDemand Downtime

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Pure Announces SiriusXM Internet Radios

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SiriusXM Onyx Plus – Just In Time for the Holidays

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SiriusXM Embraces Connected Car With Ford

Whether you want to call it Satellite Radio 3.0, or SiriusXM Hybrid, the result is the same.  SiriusXM and Ford have announced an expanded deal that brings together the satellite service with the streaming service.  For the first time a true hybrid in-dash experience is available from SiriusXM…. → Read More

SiriusXM Updates iPhone and iPad App — Bugs Squashed?

For those of you who have been struggling with the recently released version 2.5, SiriusXM has an app update featuring “many bug fixes” and as an added bonus, support for the voice controlled Ford SYNC AppLink. It has taken the company five frustrating weeks to release 2.6 but,… → Read More

SiriusXM App Crashing Woes Cause Ratings Slide

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SiriusXM’s MySXM Now Live on iOS App

For those of you who do not check your app store updates religiously, the new version 2.5 SiriusXM iPhone and iPad app featuring “MySXM” personalization features has been officially released. The same great additions web users have been toying with for the past couple of months are now… → Read More

My Take On MySXM – Part 1 – The Concept

Friday readers were treated to a bit of news regarding SiriusXM’s new personalized Radio feature known as MyControl or MySXM.  I have spent a good chunk of the weekend putting the service through its paces and have developed my own take on the service.  There is a lot… → Read More

SiriusXM MyControl Beta Now Live!

The much anticipated music personalization feature from SiriusXM is finally here! With MyControl listeners can now customize their music channels to hear more of what they want and less of what they don’t. Simply click the shiny new MyControl button located in the top right hand side of… → Read More