Beats Audio May Have Purchased MOG

It is a marriage that makes perfect sense for numerous reasons.  Both Beats Audio and music service MOG can actually help each other get to the next level.  It was only a couple of weeks ago that questions began to arise about whether MOG was in trouble and perhaps for sale.  At the time many thought that despite statements from MOG CEO David Hyman that indicated that the service was not in trouble, many believed that the service might a candidate for purchase.  With venture capital sometimes hard to come by MOG found itself in a situation that perhaps would lead to one ultimate conclusion.

Business Insider is now reporting that Beats Audio may have already made a deal to acquire MOG.  For followers of the audio entertainment sector this is interesting news.  It demonstrates that there are indeed people out there looking for a way into the streaming marketplace.  What is intriguing about this deal is that both Beats and MOG pride themselves on being the best at sound quality.

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New XM SNAP Product Makes Way Into Limelight

The eagle eyes over at Orbitcast came up with a gem. A Recent FCC filing reveals a brand new device called XM Snap. The XM Snap will work with other digital devices and Ryan Saghir of Orbitcast speculates that it could be a SkyDock type receiver that will… → Read More

Apple Exploring HD Radio Inclusion Into iPods – What About Satellite Radio

Rumors about a relationship between HD Radio and Apple (APPL) have arisen the past, but reached a new level this week when a patent filed by Apple centered on HD Radio. The speculation is running now that this new patent has been revealed with some imagining future iPods… → Read More

Rumor: Baseball Coming to Sirius

Major League Baseball may find its way to the Best of XM package for Sirius subscribers. Let me start by saying that this is speculation with some serious smoke signals indicating that it is true. Various telephone calls to customer service at Sirius seem to indicate that an… → Read More

Exploring The Validity Of Sirius XM Price Increase Rumors

When I first read up on rumors that Sirius XM was considering price increases on certain packages, my initial reaction was that they must be false. I then questioned to myself that a potential loophole may exist and thought I had better research the possibility before coming to… → Read More

Sirius XM Rate Hike Slated for March 11th

Over the last couple of days we have received numerous reports from credible sources inside of Sirius XM along with a few followers from Twitter that a rate hike is coming March 11th. Even though at this point none of this can be officially confirmed, it is quite… → Read More

Is Interoperability Here?

A seemingly boring, news-free Saturday night changed drastically this evening when a memo was circulated that was allegedly sent out this evening to Ford dealers. From message boards to blogs the story captures the imagination. The opening line is the reason for the buzz. It states that “SIRIUS will be changing the format… → Read More

Artie Lange In Amsterdam

In case you were not aware, there is now a great show on Stern 101 Friday mornings. Jay Thomas has become the defacto Friday morning host, and will now carry a regular show on the Stern network. In his first show as a permanent Friday host, Jay Thomas… → Read More

Howard Stern Denture Mystery Solved

Last week Page Six reported that an unidentified person doing a photo shoot happened to find himself in the Master Bathroom of Howard Stern and reported to the New York Post Gossip column that on the bathroom counter were Howard Stern’s dentures. Nothing was reported about other bathroom… → Read More

WCBS Rumored To be Going Back To Oldies

WCBS FM in New York was an oldies staple for what seemed to be forever. Long Time DJ Cousin Brucie (Bruce Morrow) was a fan favorite, and the radio station enjoyed good ratings for quite some time. All of that changed in two years ago when WCBS decided… → Read More