The next evolution of the Onyx is here – “Plus” is big step up from the old Onyx “EZ” and is full of new features actually worth upgrading for.


Packed into a sleek new design you’ll now find a full color display capable of displaying album art, channel logos, and related graphics. We’ll miss you old blue screen with scrolling text.

The Plus also offers the 20+ expanded channel line up with more music, sports, comedy, and Spanish language channels. And with more channels, you’ll need more programmable channels. With the Plus you’ll now have 20 one touch access saved stations, that’s 10 more than the old EZ and plain old “Onyx.” Best of all, it’s affordable! You can pick it up today for just $79.99, that’s $20 off MSRP.

With this new technology you’ll also find features like TuneStart, TuneMix, TuneScan. Much like the mobile app, the Onyx features settings that allow you to start songs from the begging when you change channels, blend music from your favorite channels, and select previously played songs to be played again.

Plus also has a few niceties we have come to expect from SiriusXM including pause, rewind, replay as well as song, artist, and game alerts. You can even lock and unlock channels with mature content.


The new Onyx also comes with a vehicle kit and utilizes the same universal dock as previous versions. This means you don’t have to toss out that old compatible dock or boombox.

Do you love shiny new gadgets and your Sirius satellite service? Too bad! Don’t let the “SiriusXM” name fool you, this little plug and play radio only works on the XM network. Why? We assume that SiriusXM is having a giggle at everyone’s expense.