Pure Announces SiriusXM Internet Radios

The Consumer Electronics Show is in full swing.  Electronics companies and fans have converged in Las Vegas to tout everything new, wonderful, and shiny.  Pure, a maker of Internet radios has announced that three of its 2014 models will support SiriusXM Internet radio, and promises that more is to come.


Pure – The Evoke F4

Successor to our revolutionary Evoke Flow, Evoke F4 with Bluetooth uses the same winning combination of worldwide internet radio and crystal clear DAB digital radio and adds Bluetooth music streaming, and compatibility with our Jongo wireless multi-room family.

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SiriusXM Onyx Plus – Just In Time for the Holidays

The next evolution of the Onyx is here – “Plus” is big step up from the old Onyx “EZ” and is full of new features actually worth upgrading for. Packed into a sleek new design you’ll now find a full color display capable of displaying album art, channel logos,… → Read More

Stream SiriusXM Through Your Home Stereo With ORB

SiriusXM was fairly quiet at the Consumer Electronics Show this year but, that doesn’t mean some cool new products related to satellite radio are not kicking around.  In fact, one product in particular, ORB,  comes in at a great price point and offers functionality that SiriusXM subscribers will… → Read More

SiriusXM Lynx Gets Impressive Update – OnDemand and Web Browser!

The quick eyes over at Digital Radio Central have stumbled upon an update for the Lynx that takes the flagship radio to an all new level, bringing out, for the first time, some of the real potential behind this Android-powered product. The Lynx was a good satellite radio… → Read More

Sirius XM Announces Next Generation Equipment

The quick eyes over at Twice caught some great news for Sirius XM (NASDAQ:SIRI) subscribers.  Dice Electronics has announced that it will be developing its next generation of OE-integration kits to connect Sirius XM’s SXV200V1 “universal” black-box tuner to factory sound systems.  What’s the big deal?  Read on and… → Read More

Its Been a Buggy Week for the Sirius Stiletto 2

If you happen to be the owner of a Sirius Stiletto 2 you’ve probably spent the last week contemplating firing that little black brick out a window – the good news is, you’re not alone and we finally have a fix. On Wednesday July 11th many Sirius subscribers… → Read More

Sirius XM Unleashes the Lynx – Four Days After Christmas

If Sirius XM was looking to target hungover Christmas shoppers with a wallet full of mismatched gift cards, they have succeeded! At around 4pm today Sirius XM announced the launch of the Lynx, their new 2.0 portable radio. Some have said that this new $249 gadget is no… → Read More

Hands On Reveiw Of Sirius XM’s Edge – Satellite Radio 2.0’s Debut Product

It has been quite some time since we have had our hands on a new retail satellite radio.  Sirius XM had not developed anything new and exciting in almost two years, and it was beginning to look like 2011 would be another ho-hum year on the news front… → Read More

Sirius Starmate 8 Appears – Latest Sirius Branded Radio

The third new radio released by Sirius XM has made its appearance. The Sirius Starmate 8 appears to be a Sirius branded XM Onyx with a few bells and whistles. It is unclear whether or not the Starmate 8 will be capable of receiving the new channels offered… → Read More

Is Sirius XM’s Lynx A Game Changer?

Sirius XM Satellite Radio (NASDAQ:SIRI) is launching a few new retail products in conjunction with their Satellite Radio 2.0 launch. The company has not delivered new retail products in quite some time, so there is some excitement for SIRI investors relating to the prospects of a new product… → Read More