The much anticipated music personalization feature from SiriusXM is finally here! With MyControl listeners can now customize their music channels to hear more of what they want and less of what they don’t.

Simply click the shiny new MyControl button located in the top right hand side of the player, adjust the sliders, and click apply.

As you will quickly see, these customizable controls are channel specific. While Classic Vinyl allows you to optimize for depth, era, and region, Faction is setup to edit familiarity, type, and sound. Realizing that one size didn’t fit all is a nice detail and a great catch by the designers — kudos.

The long standing arguments of east cost vs west coast, old vs new, and punk vs. rock are essentially over. No more nasty emails, long running debates on forums, or angry phone calls to you favorite station. You want more punk? Drag the slider towards more punk, sit back and enjoy all the instant gratification of that sweet sweet noise. Me? I slid it towards less punk and haven’t heard one punkish song in over an hour — Perfect!

Once in “MyControl” mode users will also notice the new ability to skip over as many as 5 songs per hour. This essentially means, after you’ve tweaked your personal options, you still only have to like 4 out of every 5 songs played per hour. Who needs Pandora?

Not only do we get 60 different possible combinations of customization per channel but, SiriusXM is getting a whole lot of data from its users. It’s easy to conceive that the company could easily aggregate this data and fine tune existing channels or even create new channels based on popular demand.

While MyControl does allow you to create a more custom experience it does not seem to offer the very specific options of banning and favoriting songs and artists, which have become a fan favorite for users of apps like Slacker. I’m not complaining, just reporting.

The one thing I think the interface is lacking is a direct way to vote against artists or their songs. I don’t necessarily need to fine tune every single last detail of my music, personally, when I use other customization services with new music discovery, I set it on the highest allowable setting but, I would like a direct say in what I consider crappy new music. If you’re going to collect the data, let us tell you what we don’t like and dial it down a bit.

Maybe the easiest way to accomplish this without any changes to the interface is to monitor which songs are most frequently skipped?

It should be noted that currently the new feature is limited to just 40 music channels so, if it isn’t working for you, simply try out a new channel. We have also been told that “MyControl” is a working title but, the feature will likely be called “MySXM” once it officially goes live.

The big question now is, when can we expect to see this new functionality on the mobile iOS apps? No one really knows but, what I can tell you is, the last time SiriusXM rolled out a desktop beta for the new OnDemand feature, the iOS app was released just a few short weeks later. I recommend endlessly staring at your little blue App Store icon until that day comes.

So, log into the beta, check it out, report back and let us know what you think. Is this in fact a homerun or just a ground rule double?