Once again, without notice, the guys at Sirius XM have been slowly rolling out a new behind the scenes beta program that offers users of the web player on demand access to a host of recent talk shows.

As you can see, there is a fancy new “Shows & On Demand” button that takes users to a library of both categorized and searchable content from the past couple of weeks.

No longer will die hard fans of talk shows like Howard Stern, Opie & Anothony, and Jason Ellis need to fumble around with clunky software or expensive hardware to keep up to date with their favorite shows. Now, all they need to do is login and access weeks worth of shows right from the Sirius XM interface.

There is now word yet on just how long shows will remain available but, as of now, we can see dates as far back as a couple of weeks with expiration dates 14 days after the original air date.

In addition to on demand access, users of the web player will also notice a new option to manually move to any point during their favorite show by simply dragging the progress bar. A huge win for anyone who knows a simple skip would have previously jumped you to the next commercial break.

It should be noted that this feature is currently not available on music stations which feature talk shows, likely due to music licensing issues.

Now word yet on any plans for the mobile apps – we will update as soon as we receive confirmation.

As far as we are concerned, these new features are the crown jewels on the already amazing timeshifting update announced a few months ago, and we can’t wait to see what they do next. So, what do you guys think, is there any more we can ask for?