While the phased roll out of Satellite Radio 2.0 has been frustrating for many investors, the good news is that another major portion of the roll out happened today.  Sirius XM Satellite Radio has finally updated their apps on the Apple platform to include satellite radio 2.0 features.  This is a big move, as Internet streaming capabilities is becoming and ever growing segment of the audio entertainment sector.

The new look and capabilities include:

  • The “START NOW” feature which will allow users to start shows from their beginning even if you have tuned into that channel after the show begins
  • “TUNE START” automatically starts the currently playing song from the beginning when you tune to a music channel.  This allows you to enjoy the complete song.
  • “PAUSE” allows you to pause live radio and pick up your audio feed from the point where you left off
  • “FAST FORWARD and REWIND” allow you to navigate through previously aired programming
  • “SHOW FINDER” allows users to easily find their favorite Sirius XM shows.

At this point the updated app is limited to Apple devices such as the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.

Though no official word has been released, it is anticipated that a new Android app including the same features will be launched in about a month within about 6 months.  In order to get the new features, users must update their app.

Sirius XM has been touting Satellite Radio 2,0 for quite some time, and announced several new channels as well as an Edge radio capable of receiving those channels.  Outside the Sirius XM Edge, the only way for subscribers to access these new channels is through Sirius XM Internet Radio via a computer or a mobile device with the app.