Sirius XM launched their Youtube channel some time ago, and the secret is getting out. The company promotes their YouTube channel on the main website, and if you have not checked it out you are missing something special. Social Media is becoming a bigger part of Sirius XM’s marketing expansion, and it is a smart move for the company.

Sirius XM’s Facebook pages and Twitter accounts do a good job of building a sense of community with existing subscribers. The Sirius XM YouTube channel takes things a step further. It gives the world an eyes on view of what makes Sirius XM so compelling, and perhaps the best value in entertainment.

The YouTube videos include in depth exclusive interviews from people in the news, music artists, and even sports figures. Top personalities from across the media and entertainment landscape have become staples in Sirius XM’s Youtube channel. How popular and how important is this aspect of Sirius XM’s brand. VERY. Three Sirius XM video posted in March featuring Justin Bieber have already combined for over 825,000 views (see Justin do a drum solo below). People on a national scale are beginning to understand just what makes Sirius XM special and artists realize the value in getting unprecedented radio exposure through Sirius XM.

Whether you are a tech type or not, social media sites have become an integral part of peoples daily lives, and most of America’s top company’s are figuring out that having a presence in social media works to their advantage. For Sirius XM it is all about building the brand, and making Sirius XM relevant is any way possible. Cars deliver subscribers, but social media keeps them happy.

Justin Bieber Drum Solo

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