Starting tomorrow evening, BuzzFeed, curators of the hottest and most social content on the web, will launch a live call in radio show on SiriusXM Stars Too (ch. 104).

BuzzFeed Radio, hosted by editors Jack Moore and Whitney Jefferson, will provide analysis of the inspiration, reaction, and creative process behind the weeks hottest viral sensations. The duo will also connect with listeners to discuss the latest viral images, videos, and new reports.

The show launches tomorrow night and will air live every Tuesday night from 6 -7pm ET with encore presentations airing Wednesday at 6am and 9pm ET.

“We know we’re on your computer screens at work and now we’re taking over your cars on the way home,” said Scott Lamb, BuzzFeed’s Managing Editor. “The way you react to and share a BuzzFeed story with your friends is the same emotional reaction someone has when they call into the radio. Our commenters are like radio’s callers so working with SiriusXM just feels really organic,” Lamb continued.

With the recent addition of Politics Powered by Twitter, it seems safe to say that SiriusXM has recognized the engaging nature of social media. Whether you happen to love it or not, there is no denying the power, and now that we have the ability to download and listen to shows offline, I expect more short niche shows like this in the future.

Am I the only one who thinks the dial has room for more quality content? What kind of show would you like to see next? Sound off in the comments below.