sirius s50Sirius satellite radio appears to be serious about the latest S50 update. Last weekend I got an automated phone call from Sirius telling me that I needed to do the update, and this week I got a large card in the mail once again stating the importance of the update.

The communications stress that is important to do this update in order to avoid disruption of service. Knowing that the S50 is in my wife's car, I guess it really would be prudent to get the update completed.

A Sirius web page explains the steps of the update in detail.

You must download and install this new S50 update to maintain uninterrupted service.

SIRIUS Satellite Radio is making improvements to our broadcast systems. In order to maintain uninterrupted service, you must download and install the latest update to your S50. Installing the updates will not affect your loved songs or recorded talk programs. Follow the instructions below to download and install the updates. You must have a PC operating under either Windows 2000 or Windows XP to update your S50 using My SIRIUS Studio™.

If you have a Windows operating system that is not compatible with My SIRIUS Studio™, such as Vista, please refer to our alternative updating instructions located here. SIRIUS S50 is not compatible with Mac operating systems.


Before You Begin make sure the battery is installed in the S50 and it is fully charged. If the battery is not installed, or is only partially charged, the software updates may not install properly.

During the process, you will be asked to dock your S50 in a car or home dock. This dock will need to have a good SIRIUS signal for the process to complete successfully. Whichever dock you have, make sure the antenna has an unobstructed view of the sky above.

So, get cracking and update that S50.

For those that have heard conspiracy theories about this update relating to the merger, I think you can rest assured that there is no ties with this update making the S50 more capable in a post merger environment. Here is waht the update does:

- Bookmarking functionality for schedule recording playback. Now you can pick up where you left off while listening to all your schedule recording content after turning the unit off and on again.

- Preventing your united from locking up following power fluctuations (like being switched on and off very rapidly.)

- Fixed issues with some recorded SIRIUS content not being able to be played back.

- Fixed artist and song title and icon representations during playback

- Minor user interface improvements.

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