Starting yesterday (I didn’t get the memo) through September 9th, SiriusXM is turning on all inactive radios AND giving users free access to both their mobile and online apps!

You have SiriusXM radio in the dashboard of your car? Free. You have an old plug and play radio collecting dust? Free. You’re sitting at a computer wishing you had some quality entertainment at work? Free. You’re on the go and have been dying to try that mobile app out? FREE!

The free 14 day preview will include 60 channels of  music, sports, news, and talk for listeners and over 150 channels for those of you looking to listen on your smartphone or online.

If you have an existing radio all you have to do is turn it on and tune in to one of the 60 free channels. If you’d like to take advantage of the new MySXM internet or smartphone app you can sign up — no credit card required.

Unfortunately, as always, there will be explicit content the likes of Howard Stern and O&A, or even any comedy channels outside of “Family Comedy” available through the satellite feed BUT, you will find all of that filthy goodness on the internet and mobile app.

All of you first time listeners should keep in mind that what you’ll hear through your radio is just a sample of the channels which are available once you become a subscriber so, take the time to poke around the mobile and internet app for a taste of the full experience – what are you waiting for? It’s free!