free-signSiriusXM is once again turning on inactive radios but, this time freeloading radio lovers will only receive a 5 day taste of satellite sports channels, including the first 3 rounds of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

The free trial will begin today, March 19th and run through the 24th offering listeners play by play of every game on Sirius channels 92-94 and XM channels 190-193.

Not a bad deal but, the only way non-subscribers will hear about this is if you go forth and spread the word. So, retweet, share on Facebook, or pick up the phone and convince your technologically adverse family to check it out.

In addition, moochers listeners are encouraged to tune in for a taste of all the great SiriusXM sports coverage during this short 5 day window including NFL Radio (ch. 88), NHL Network (Sirius 92 | XM 207), Fantasy Sports Radio (Sirius 210 | XM 87), NASCAR (ch. 90), College Sports Nation (ch. 91), ESPN (ch. 84), ESPN XTRA (ch. 85), Mad Dog Radio (ch. 86), and XM Scoreboard (XM 154).