Over the last couple of days we have received numerous reports from credible sources inside of Sirius XM along with a few followers from Twitter that a rate hike is coming March 11th. Even though at this point none of this can be officially confirmed, it is quite suspect that these reports are coming from various sources yet, all have the same date and prices attached.

What is being said is that subscribers can expect to see a $2 increase on additional subscriptions bringing them to $8.99/month along with a loss of the free internet radio account. Instead, users will now have to pay an additional $2.99 for an online account, with no word on whether or not that includes the premium 128k feed.

At a time when subscribers are just starting to settle down over the recent channel changes and censoring of the sacred Howard 101 it looks like Sirius XM is ready to stir up the customer backlash storm once again.

It is also interesting how these new prices increases might just dance right around those merger concessions put in place by the FCC. What happened with this merger being great for the consumers?

For the record, we had a little bit of back and forth about this topic yesterday on twitter… all the more reason for you to follow us @siriusbuzz!