Those who were excited about Bubba The Love Sponge returning to Sirius XM for his new two year deal, tuned in today only to be unbelievably disappointed. No longer will the LOYAL fans be able to hear Bubba’s raw and uncut radio show on Howard 101, instead, the once great show has been replaced by a replay of his watered down morning drive terrestrial radio broadcast.

After months of wondering, fans were finally assured that The Bubba The Love Sponge show would be returning to the Sirius XM airwaves January 5th by the likes of Scott Greenstien, Howard Stern, and Bubba himself. Why would not one of them mention something as important as the terms of this new deal? Looks like the joke is on us.

Why Sirius XM thinks that this is OK and that their subscribers will pay for non exclusive content that they can just as easily get for free is totally beyond me… let the call center storm begin. As a matter of fact, lets digg it, and make sure that the world knows that Sirius XM is now just replaying terrestrial radio.