mlbnflMajor League Baseball may find its way to the Best of XM package for Sirius subscribers. Let me start by saying that this is speculation with some serious smoke signals indicating that it is true. Various telephone calls to customer service at Sirius seem to indicate that an announcement will be made regarding an upgrade to the Best of XM package for people that subscribe to Sirius. That upgrade is Major League Baseball.

A SiriusBuzz reader contacted me with the news this morning, and with a few phone calls, there seems to be some legitimacy to the rumor. Whether there will be additional fees to consumers who wish to get baseball has not been made clear. Also unclear is if there are additional costs to Sirius XM associated with the move.

One thing is certain. The addition of baseball would be a good thing for those that get the “Best Of” programming, and from a consumer standpoint it will add value to the package. I would have preferred to see this news prior to the season beginning, but getting baseball at all on Sirius in 2009 is a win for consumers, and a demonstration that merger synergies are happening.

With a slumping economy, satellite radio, as much as baseball can benefit from this. The more subscribers that buy the “Best Of” programming, the better. Speculation is that the programming will not start until June, but perhaps, with the leak having happened we will hear something at the Q1 conference call or the annual meeting.

“Best Of” includes NFL for XM. The inclusion of MLB on Sirius’ “Best Of” will be a major victory.

According to customer service reps, they received and email saying that “We are hoping to have MLB baseball on the Best of XM Package by the second week in June”

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