The North by Northeast (NXNE) 2010 Music Festival and Conference is happening live in Toronto June 14th through June 20th and Sirius Satellite Radio will be live with coverage. The NXNE festival is huge! It features over 650 bands, 40 films, and covers 50 venues. If you are into the music scene, this is a can’t miss event. However, if you daily life is such that you can’t attend, no worries. Sirius Canada and Sirius XM have you covered through Iceberg Radio (channel 85) and CBC Radio (channel 86).

There is nothing that can compare to a one week music and film festival. It is simply an awesome time full of great experiences, and for the participants a chance to gain new fans. Sure people party, and that is all part of the fun, but it is events such as this that get tomorrows popular bands in the hearts of today’s music listeners. For many, such a festival presents an opportunity to see bands they otherwise would not be able to see.

With So many events and a schedule that rivals the most busy business, people will need a way to figure out what to see and do. NXNE has an app for that! In addition, fans with Sirius Satellite Radio will be able to catch latest about the Fesival and even hear some great content.

NXNE Festival Website

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