jamie foxx with oscarBack in January we reported Sirius’ acquisition of the triple threat actor, comedian, and now music artist Jamie Foxx to create and produce his own channel. After reporting that the channel would be coming to the lineup “sometime in the Spring”, Sirius reported today that The Foxxhole was made available on SIRIUS channel 106, on May 17th. I have no idea why they decided to make a press release 4 days after the channel was launched but, nonetheless The Foxxhole is open for business.

It has been said that Foxx will broadcast live on his new channel with exclusives from “wherever he is in the world.” Now, I’m not sure how Sirius actually plans to pull this off in a live format but, it will be interesting to see if this turns into an “around the world” with Jamie type broadcast.

For the record, channel 106 is currently available and pumping out interviews, music, and comedy in rapid fire succession on the Sirius internet stream. I am actually listening to a live performance of Jamie singing “DJ Play A Love Song” right now and it’s entertaining as hell because he is mixing in some jokes during the low spots. Although I’d rather listen to him just be funny, his voice isn’t half bad.