Tom Parmentier better known as “Tom The Tree Man,” an intern and regular show/stunt participant from the Bubba The Love Sponge show has been placed on a paid leave from his job with the city of Pinellas Park.

tom the tree man blindfold boxingTom has been a utilities technician in the water maintenance division for the city since April 1998 and is facing being let go because of “conduct unbecoming and that which interferes with the performance of your job.” Is it really fitting that a guy who digs ditches for a living be let go because of what he does with his own time?

Mr. Parmentier participated in stunts such as being shot with a paintball gun, blindfold boxing, having fire ants placed on his genitals, and smelling a man’s rear end. Although some of these stunts may seem extreme they were all done in good fun and more importantly none of them are illegal under any law that I know of. In a day and age where government and city officials have been caught with strippers, prostitutes, and narcotics it seems hypocritical that they would remove a hard working guy from his position for performing stunts that happen on college campus’s across the country on a daily basis.

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