Just a few minutes ago Bubba The Love Sponge took the time to address his fans by posting for all to see on the forms of his own website btls.com. What he has said has done very little to ease the pain of his loyal fans as they continue to lash out at Sirius XM customer service and on forums across the net.

The following is what was recently posted (spelling errors included):

“Hello evefyone, and yes i have read the postings, i have recieved some phone calls, and i know you are upset. I knew this would happen. If there is one thing i know, its my audience and what they want and expect. i would like to address some issues here and now. i dont know if i can talk about these issues on air, so i will do my best to do it here

1. “bubba sold us out” “bubba worked us” you have no idea how much this hurts and disturbs me. i begged sirius not to take this option, we had other options and this was the last last last one, that they took, due to the economy. they could not continue to pay us what we deserved for an exclusive show, so as a last ditch effort they decided on this…again, i am not happy about it and i am sorry, but why am i to blame.

2. 2 years ago when they refused to give me a fair deal, they basically told me in order to get the money you think you deserve go do regular radio if you think you can….and they told me that i would fail, rather than to pay us, they bet against us…….this is the reason why we are in the situation right now….so we went on and did well at regular radio. again why are we the bad guys…

3. the only thing us guys wanted was to get our lives back…my health has gotten worse, my marriage isnt doing that well, and i never ever get to spend anytime with my kids….i would leave my house at 430am in the morning and not get back till 8pm and go right to bed…..why do i have to do two shows in order to make the kind of money that other radio personallities do for 4 hours a day…..again, why is this my fault..

4. i am sorry if you felt i betrayed you, thats the last thing i wanted.
i know you are going to cancel your raw subs, i know you wont buy any more merch, i know this is a shit storm, and i am sorry for all of that,

but i will trade all of that for what i got to do today, i got to pick up my kids from school today, and take them out to dinner, and then we went on a bike ride as a family……

again, i am very sorry you feel this way, and i hope something some day gets us all back together the way we used to be….

thank u for everything,”

Yes, it ended just like that.