lange.JPG Artie Lange seems to be a person that deals in extremes. Yesterday, a docile Artie slept his way through the Howard Stern Show, and today, he exploded into a rage that resulted in a physical altercation with his assistant Teddy.

It all started when Artie and Teddy had an argument in the hallway. Ever the show host, Stern brought Teddy into the studio to do an on air resolution to what Artie and Teddy were arguing about. The segment was boisterous and started out as something entertaining to listen to. It was obvious that Artie was upset, but no one could have foreseen what happened at the end of the segment.

The argument went from Teddy messing up on some assignments, to a discussion of what exactly teddy’s responsibilities were, to how much money Teddy makes as an assistant to Artie. At one point, Lange accused Teddy of stealing money from him, and being ungrateful for additional bonuses and loans that Artie had given Teddy.

Then the Flash Point.

Artie threw a glass of water across the studio, jumped over the studio console, and went right after Teddy. The studio erupted into confusion as Stern Show staffers threw themselves between the 300 pound Lange, and Teddy. Artie was so angered that he literally would have ripped off Teddy’s head had he been able to get to him. Robin was screaming, Stern was calling for control, and the sounds of a scuffle filled the airwaves.

Once settled, Howard expressed grave concern for what had transpired. Artie came back into the studio, and was still angered. At one point Lange even spoke of resigning from the show. Stern stated that the behavior exhibited by Artie was unacceptable and that informed Artie that he needs to maintain control of himself. Artie, speaking about himself said that he was not a good person, and there was no way he could guarantee that such an episode would not happen again. It was suggested that Artie leave the studio, which he did.

Lange and his assistant Teddy are both scheduled to fly to Amsterdam this evening. The status of the trip is unknown. Show staffers were expressing concern for bot Teddy as well as Artie, and efforts were made to get someone with Artie, as staffers felt that Artie was at a breaking point.

For his part, Teddy returned to the studio and spoke to Stern. Teddy said he was not going to sue, and that he had hopes that something good could come from this. Teddy at one point offered to leave the show so that the show would not suffer from a loss of Artie. Stern informed Teddy that this suggestion was not the solution.

Whether Lange returns to the Howard Stern Show is now likely up in the air. At this point it would appear that Stern wants to let the situation cool down, and will address things later. The question now is whether Lange, who clearly has a lot of ongoing issues, is in the right frame of mind to not only be a show participant, but should he even be alone, and traveling to a country where things are a bit more liberal with drugs given Artie’s current mental state.

There is concern for Artie as a person here, as well as a professional on the show, and no one knows exactly how to address it. Stern has in the past banned talent from the show because of physical altercations. On the professional side what happened today is not appropriate, and a ban should be considered. Artie has to know that being on the Stern show has catapulted his comedy career, so such a move could be financially devastating. On a personal side, there is obvious concern for Lange. No one wants to see Lange fall.

While Lange has expressed rage and hate for Teddy, it is perhaps Teddy’s actions that will be Artie’s savior. Teddy is not going after anyone, and not pressing the issue. Whether or not Lange will see this is unknown. With Lange scheduled to be away over the weekend, it may be Monday before we know any more detail.

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