Sometimes it is the little details that get missed. In tough economic times, getting the little things right is perhaps more important than ever. Imagine this. Being a Friday morning, and with a 70 mile drive ahead of me, I got into my car and tuned in to Howard Stern only to find that it is a replay. Knowing that I had upgraded my Sirius subscription to include the "BEST OF XM", I quickly found my way to channel 197 which carries the Opie and Anthony show.

When I tuned in, I noticed something peculiar on the screen of my Stiletto. The Display read, "The Virus - XM 202". For an XM subscriber, the channel number would be correct. However, as a Sirius subscriber, the O & A show comes on channel 197. Why is it that my Sirius Radio is displaying the XM channel? What sense does this make?

The latest promotion by Sirius XM Radio gives people 3 months free of the "BEST OF" programming. For those new subscribers, why confuse the issue. If a radio is a Sirius radio, it should be clear to the consumer what channel they are listening to. At a minimum, the display of radios should say, "The Virus - XM 202 - Sirius 197"

This may seem trivial to long time subscribers, but for a new subscriber, it presents confusion. The merger is confusing enough. Why add to the confusion with something can can be remedied with relative ease?

The "BEST OF" programming is new, but it is important that the little things be done correctly. Sirius XM should also consider getting the hosts of shows that can cross over to use "Sirius XM Radio" rather than simply "Sirius" or "XM" when they are doing their respective shows.

Hopefully, the company will consider implementing these simple yet important changes.

UPDATE: The other thing I have noticed is that when I listen to XM channels on Sirius, and commercials come on, the never bother to change some of them. I have heard ads and promotions for buying the BEST OF SIRIUS on my Sirius radio. Obviously, they are marketing to XM subscribers because it is an XM channel. However, they should switch out that add to Sirius radios with a revenue generating commercial. Obviously, if I am listening to the BEST OF XM on my Sirius radio, there is no need for the company to market the BEST OF programming, especially when it is geared to subscribers on the other system. Another little thing that the company needs to fix quickly.

Position: Long SIRI.