xm-logo-black-yellowThere is very little information available, but XM Satellite Radio subscribers in the Northeast may be experiencing problems with their satellite radio signals. At just before 4:00 PM Eastern time, my XM SkyDock flashed me a message that there was an error, and my service simply stopped.

A call to XM Radio’s customer service confirmed that the Boston area is having repeater and signal problems. At first I was told to remove and re-install my SkyDock application. This was soon accomplished, but alas, still no XM Radio. The representative stated that the problem may exist for a few hours.

A subsequent call confirmed the signal problems, and the news seemed to get worse. The second representative stated that the problem could last between 24 and 48 hours. Customers who are experiencing signal problems should call customer service to inform them of your issue. Personally, I had them notate my account. Likely some sort of credit will be applied when the issue is resolved.

Readers, please assist in determining the scale of this issue by commenting with your location.

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