Almost immediately after Sirius and XM merged over three years ago, fans and friends alike began to call, email, post comments, and ask the question in the forum – when will I be able to get a multi-subscription discount for my Sirius and XM radios? Unfortunately, I have had to say “I don’t know” more times than I care to remember.

I am happy to finally say, the fine folks at Sirius XM customer care will in fact give those who have both Sirius and XM accounts the same multi-subscription discount afforded to those who have multiple accounts on the same platform.

After a bit of poking and prodding on Facebook a very nice customer care rep told me all I had to do was provide both accounts and they would be happy to apply the discount. When I asked if this was now available to everyone, they pointed me to a support center answer they had specifically setup for just this issue. I don’t know exactly when the page was created but, the details are as follows…

Q: I’m already a subscriber. Do I get a discount on additional subscriptions?

A: Yes. You can get a discount on additional subscriptions. Multi-subscription discounts start at a base price of $9.99 per month for the Select package, which is a 30% savings.

If you are on different platforms, call SiriusXM at 866-635-2349 to receive a cross platform discount.

The rumor kicking around Sirius XM is that there should be some kind of unified billing system to make the whole process a little bit easier by the end of 2012. For the time being, I’m just happy there is going to be some long awaited satisfaction for their loyal customers.