new-gavelIn an interesting development, SiriusXM has sued “John Doe” in an effort to protect consumers from what appears to be a fraudulent scheme by a party that uses a similar phone number to that of SiriusXM’s customer service department to get consumer information, and take advantage of unsuspecting consumers.

SiriusXM’s customer service line is 888-539-7474

The John Doe number is 800-539-7474

SiriusXM alleges that consumers that dial the John Doe number are being asked for personal information, being promised gift cards, and other services.  Consumers mistakenly think that it is SiriusXM doing these spamming techniques, and the hard sell of the call leaves a bad taste in the mouths of consumers and degrades the reputation of SiriusXM.

Indeed, I called the number myself and was promised a $100 Wal-Mart gift card.  I asked, “Is this SiriusXM?”  I was told that I was selected for the “rewards department” and that once finished there I would be “transferred back over”

The essence of the suit is that John Doe is using a mis-dialed number to give the consumer the impression that they are speaking to SiriusXM when in fact they are not.  SiriusXM is seeking damages in excess of $50,000.

Wanna have some fun?  Give this “John Doe” company a call and pull their chain a bit.  See if they admit that they are not SiriusXM’s customer service.

While SiriusXM has had its challenges as it relates to customer service, this experience is an unfair practice by an unnamed party that hurts both SiriusXM and consumers!