Readers.  I want to first take a moment to thank you all for a great year at SiriusBuzz.  The year has had its challenges, but we have always made it through.  We have had many updates to the website, and while it may not always be noticed, the site runs smoother and better than ever.  We have been free from attacks, hackers, etc.  We have maintained coverage and quality to a level that one would expect from a site such as ours.  Please join me by tipping your cap to Charles.  His tireless efforts make this site amongst the best on the Internet!

As we move into 2014, I will be adding technical reports on another equity in the SiriusBuzz Premium section of the site.  That equity is Arena Pharmaceuticals (ARNA).  The reports for technicals will be very similar to what is offered for SiriusXM on SiriusBuzz Premium.  The system applied to understanding technicals on SiriusXM can also be applied to other equities.  Many SiriusBuzz Premium members already do that.

Following equities closely is a time consuming task.  I wish that I could cover many equities.  Perhaps as the site grows, we can expand coverage further.  If you are interested in the Arena Pharmaceuticals coverage as well as SiriusXM, consider joining SiriusBuzz Premium.

Best wishes for a great 2014!