sirius backseat tvSirius has been half heartedly promoting and talking about their new Satellite TV service dubbed, Backseat TV for the last month or so. I have wanted to post about the new service for a while now but, there really hasn’t been a buzz behind the product. I often wonder if they don’t have the whole concept figured out yet or if its because of possible legal issues.

After receiving a programming email newsletter from Sirius I noticed they gave the new service a little plug that read “Coming Soon: SIRIUS Backseat TV Get ready for another SIRIUS first. Its TV delivered to the video screens of select vehicles equipped with a SIRIUS Backseat TV.” When I say “little plug” I truly mean little as the entire spot took up less than 1% of the available space in the newsletter.

If you would like additional information concerning the service, head over to the new page Sirius dedicated to Backseat TV. Rest assured, I will keep you all posted with any future news surrounding the Backseat TV service.