Well, that was fast. While it may be a simple coincidence, C3SR has now removed the link to their blog from their landing page. In fact, there is now no way to arrive at the C3SR blog section of the site at all. Of course, you can still get to the blogs by using the link that Sirius Buzz provided.

In response to what appeared to be censorship of pro-merger comments on the C3SR blog, we encouraged readers to attempt to submit their comments concerning the merger and then post their comments here on Sirius Buzz as well.

Several have tried to post comments to C3SR and as yet nothing none have been published by C3SR. That task is now more difficult because C3SR is now hiding the existence of the blog.

No worries though, as you can still arrive at the C3SR blog trough THIS LINK ….at least for now.

If C3SR had candor as an organization that claims to advocate on behalf of subscribers, one would certainly think that they would not hide information or censor the comments.

Pulling the links to their own blog is yet another example of the agenda that C3SR has.

So, it appears that the test of C3SR’s candor is already bearing fruit. Should the blog section be removed entirely, readers can still voice the opinion to C3SR here on Sirius Buzz our article C3SR Demands Hearing With FCC . C3SR will likely see the comments, because given their actions today, it would appear that they read Sirius Buzz.

Position – Long Sirius, XM.