brandon-matthews1Today was an interesting day for those invested in Sirius XM. The stock began an amazing upswing which was met with some resistance following a Washington Post article that was written by an outfit called My initial reaction was to question who might have paid for such content to be published at that moment and I decided to look into it.

The article itself attempted to make a case for Sirius XM's eventual demise at the hand of Internet Radio applications. The "About Us" tab at the company's website reveals a web of media related industries. is a subsidiary of ContentNext Media which is in turn owned by Guardian News And Media Limited.

My eye was then drawn to the websites sidebar, which included other business entities owned by Guardian News & Media. I was somewhat taken aback when I saw the words,  GMG Radio! Clicking on that link reveals the following:

"GMG Radio is the UK's third largest commercial radio group in terms of total listener hours. It operates 13 analogue stations and 24 digital services, primarily under the Smooth Radio, Real Radio, Century Radio and Rock Radio brands. The division also operates a number of websites."

"GMG is a leading multimedia business. The diverse portfolio includes national and regional newspapers, websites, radio stations, magazines and B2B media. Our flagship is the Guardian newspaper and website. GMG is wholly owned by the Scott Trust."

Guardian News is based in Santa Monica, California and New York City. The company covers the business of digital media, operating,, and paidContent:UK. The company website states the company's belief  "that in the near future, all media will be digital media."

At this point it has become clear to me that the Washington Post is being used as a tool by this company which seems to seek its own agenda and is waging a preliminary war with Sirius XM. CMG Radio has a large established footprint in the UK and I would venture a guess that Sirius XM's OEM contracts stand in the way of a new form of British Invasion. Although the National Association Of Broadcasters provides no member list, it's a safe bet that Guardian News & Media is  a member in good standing. I am at a loss as to why the Washington Post would allow this type of self serving "news" to be published on their well respected pages.

Position: Long Sirius XM