I had thought all day of writing this article. Perhaps it was that my attitude become worse as the day progressed, and other issues clouded my original idea, but I now have three issues to address. Now I'm angry!

I first need to make it clear that I also lost my favorite station (Buzzsaw) to the recent channel changes. I reserved my judgment however, before I considered writing about it. I have read many other articles, not surprisingly as negative as the NAB controlled media could muster. You may have noticed the term "elimination" in regards to Sirius XM's channel offerings used ad infinitum in these knee-jerk articles written by writers in whom I have already expressed my opinion of. Of course that word leaves would-be subscribers with the belief that they are somehow getting less for their dollar than they would have previously.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that the channels were consolidated, not eliminated, and the benefits are many. Every channel I listened to today gave the Sirius and XM station that it was streamed to as its identifier. This single act alone leads to the inevitable conclusion that the service just got EASIER to understand. Not everyone is a Satellite Radio expert. Many people would just like to turn on the car and have the radio work. Would you want different FM stations on a Dodge Caravan than in a Honda Pilot?

Lets take a look at your average car buyer and just for arguments sake assume this individual purchased a Chevrolet Malibu. Three years later this same individual buys a Ford. The services were so different, that making the transition from one Satellite Radio provider to the other becomes the most confusing part of owning that new car. The new lineup will make it easier for anyone, buying any make or model car to easily find their favorite Sirius XM channels. There will be virtually no difference in the new car experience and Sirius XM is a better service today for that simple reason.

The next issue I want to address is the outrageous behavior of a certain group calling themselves "save sirius." I admit I know very little about their agenda, but I do know they are headed by our old friend Michael Hartlieb. I have had several conversations with Michael and I have to say I am very disappointed again. Unfortunately, one issue stands out in mind from out most recent conversation. Michael commented to me with a slightly cynical laugh that he was told by persons at the FCC, that except for his actions relating to interoperable radios, the merger would have been approved back in January.

This means of course that had Michael not delayed the merger through actions that were found to be without merit, that the merger would have been approved before the economy went into recession. This means that the company would have had 2 extra quarters of combined revenues and decreased costs to contend with the debt issues now upon them. My opinion of the self titled group "Save Sirius" is on par with the actions of C3SR. Another self righteous, hypocritical group seeking nothing more than the demise of Satellite Radio. In other words, Michael, you need to remove the plank from your own eye, then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brothers!

Lastly, I'd like to address the Auto bailout plan. In a word, my answer is NO! Remember when people used to build cars in America. People now build robots that build cars. Engines are made in Mexico. Electrical components in India. Here's an idea I'd like to see the automakers try. LOWER YOUR PRICES! That's why employee pricing worked so well when it was introduced. If Chevy sold a Malibu for 10,000 dollars, they would not be able to produce enough to meet the demand.

Everyone was excited to see hybrids and alternative fuel vehicles, only to walk away dismayed to learn that any fuel savings was added to the purchase price of the vehicle. No one wants to pay 30,000 dollars for a car with a 5 year life span. It makes no economic sense. Cars and Trucks are overpriced. They have become a severe liability to the average American. A brake job on a 2 year old car should not cost 2500.00 to repair. The car companies have been bleeding America dry for decades, it's time they gave a little back.

Positions: Long SIRI