mongo-christmas.gifWhile there has been no official announcement from Sirius Satellite Radio regarding subscribers, one of the on air talents has revealed twice this afternoon that Sirius has indeed passed the 8,000,000 subscriber milestone. Jay Thomas on Sirius Stars (channel 102)stated twice in the three o'clock hour that Sirius satellite Radio has indeed passed the 8,000,000 subscriber mark.

Sirius, has guided that they will finish the year with over 8,000,000 subscribers, and most analysts expect that they will reach the mark. According to Jay Thomas, they did just that. Again, the words of Jay Thomas are not official, but it would appear that the word around Sirius is that the goal was reached. Official word on subscribers has typically been announced during the CES show in Las Vegas. Charts Through Q3 After The Jump

At the request of a few readers I have added subscriber charts and data through Q3 of 2007





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