While Sirius XM radio has not yet made an announcement about when they will have their Q3 2008 conference call, we can tell from SEC regulations that we will see the information by Monday, November 10, 2008. It is for this reason that I believe that we will see an 8:00 AM conference call on Monday.

The big question in everyone's mind is what this quarter will look like. Will synergies be noticeable at this point? Will there be a lot of One Time charges? Will guidance be given?

What the street is expecting is a loss of 9 cents on revenue of $587 million.

One thing is certain. There will be a lot of information to digest. How are various metrics going to be tallied? What impact will the merger related expenses have? What types of synergies are we beginning to see.

Often when a quarterly report is issued, there is a swift reaction in the equity. This is one case where a bit of patience may be prudent. When the report is issued, investors should consider the information very carefully. They should make an effort to understand the expenses, and whether they are operational or one time events. they should look at how various metrics are counted, and get a full understanding of where the company is heading.

In my opinion, a PR about the Q3 call will be issued on 11-6 or 11-7.

Position - Long SIRI