It all happened at about 9:30 AM EST on the Howard Stern Show. Lilly, a regular caller to the show, asked Stern what he liked best about his wife, Beth Ostrosky Stern. Howard, being politically correct and proper, stated that he liked everything about her, and when pressured to be more specific, said that he really liked her rear end. It was then that he revealed that he had a photo that Beth "sexted" (sexy text) showing how wonderful her rump was. Howard pulled out his Blackberry and proceeded to get the opinions of a few on the staff. The response was unanimous, that indeed, Beth Ostrosky Stern posses what could be termed as the perfect posterior.

Then the calls came in asking that they post the photo on the site. It should be noted that it is not a nude photo, and reveals nothing more than you might see in a Victoria Secret advertisement. Stern responded that if it was okay with Beth that it could go onto Howard Gary sprang into action and immediately tried to contact Sterns wife Beth. Beth called into the show and, ever the sport, agreed to allow the photo to be posted.

Sterns servers melted down. The Internet traffic to was so immense that even three hours later the site could not be accessed. The site, which already ranks #11,989 in the world according to will certainly see their ranking improve to even greater levels due to what can only be called "Beth's Beautiful Butt".

As most are already aware, Howard Sterns satellite radio contract is set to expire at the end of the year. Sirius XM Radio and Stern have been in negotiations and Mel Karmazin has expressed hope that news on a deal will be available before the company's Q3 conference call, but perhaps Karmazin should be pushing for a Beth O Show on the channels as well.

Beth Ostreosky Stern is certainly popular. She has appeared as a model in FHM, on several television talk shows, guest appearances on television series, and is the official spokesperson for the North Shore Animal Rescue League. She is pretty, outgoing, well spoken, and has a terrific presence on the air. She would be a natural with he own branded show on the Stern channels. She can bring an insight and perspective that the channels currently do not have, and could even improve the diversity of demographics that tune into the show.

Over the years competitors to satellite radio have oft tried to argue that Stern is no longer as popular as he once was. Of course, these competitors do not have Stern, so their stance is jaded. A full 95% of them would jump at the chance to have the King of All Media on their channels. With a new contract possibly pending, it would be cool to add a new twist to the Stern legacy by giving Beth O her own show as well.

Who knows....with Beth O melting down the servers, Mel Karmazins wheels may already be spinning.

You can see Beth O's highly discussed photo by visiting (I will insert a link later when I can actually get to the site)

Position - Long Sirius XM Radio