I have followed the comments to the FCC regarding the proposed merger of Sirius and XM for quite some time with SSG, and now Sirius Buzz. In fact, I have reviewed each and every comment made, and it is because I have followed these comments from the beginning that I am able to bring you the “FCC Comment Scorecard.” The purpose of the scorecard was to let it be known to everyone that the numbers are indeed known.

Looking at comments each day allows me to see and spot trends in the data as it happens. I can then report on that trend to you the reader.

Today, I noticed that the National Association of Broadcasters has begun to show their hand. Ever since the FCC started their time clock, consumers from across the country have rallied around the merger. Daily percentages in favor of the merger were above 85% on a regular basis, and it was only this week that the volume of comments began to slow substantially.

In stepped the NAB and their membership. Today, a shift in the data happened. Individual members of the NAB began their Anti Merger campaign today, and for the first time since the FCC clock started, they captured a majority position for a single day. It appears that the NAB was waiting for the comments to slow to a trickle before beginning their campaign.

The question now, is how active the NAB membership will be, and whether or not the most recent activities of the NAB will inspire the PRO Merger side to once again begin their own active campaign.

This boils down to the National Association of Broadcasters and all of their organizational power vs. individual consumers voicing their opinion. There is a little over a week left for comments. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

As of yesterday, the pro merger position enjoyed a 60 point lead in the FCC comments, with 79% in favor, and 19% against. Today’s activity saw the ANTI MERGER camp get back four points in the data. As of today, the PRO Merger camp now sits at 75% and the ANTI Merger camp sits at 23%.

fcc comment scorecard

If you want to let your opinion be known, I strongly suggest visiting or These sites are a one stop shop to get your opinion to not only the FCC, but to your own congressmen and senators as well.

Position – Long Sirius, Long XM -IMOJB-