What appeared to be a simple news story about a judge reaching a decision on a class action suit settlement agreement has now turned into something else because other authors and websites seem to want to confuse matters.  It is not my preferred way of doing business, but sometimes you need to stoop down to lower levels and give a dope slap.

Relmor, a "principal" at King of All Trades seems to want to play down at these levels, so it has now come time to dope slap him.   I reported yesterday that Judge Bear had reached a decision on the proposed settlement agreement but that the process is not quite yet over because some that objected to the case were already working on an appeal.

In the comments to my article Relmor, who perhaps was working on to little sleep stated:

"If an appeal is filed there is a possibility that a higher court may not agree with Judge Baer.

Hey spencer, why dont you crap in my cheerios too.. Thank god you reminded us that there is an appeal process. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH



You cant appeal a settlement DUMBASS!!!"

Relmor has demonstrated a reading comprehension issue in the past, and it appears that he has done nothing to fix it.  I once pointed out that the "new GM used car deal" would add costs to the SAC line.  Relmor seemed to overlook the the word "used" and jumped to a conclusion that I was referring to the overall  GM installation deal and promptly inserted his foot in his mouth saying that the deal would not add SAC costs and that the Install deal was better now than before.  I politely told him that I am referring to the new GM used car deal where GM dealers will activate trial subscriptions regardless of make or model.  He still did not comprehend this, and went on and on about the new car installation deal, a matter that I was not even discussing in the article.  I would have hoped that Relmor, one of the main writers at King of All Trades, would take a little time to understand something prior to issuing a comment.

Relmor... read this SLOWWWWWLY... this is what I wrote:

"I have on decent authority that some of those that objected to the proposed settlement had already started work on a potential appeal even before judge Baer rendered his decision today."

Please note that I stated that some of those that OBJECTED might file an appeal.

After being far from professional in the initial comment, Relmor decided to make another:

"Judge never ruled. Never went to trial." 

Here, once again that reading comprehension problem raises its head.  Relmor... I never said the judge ruled.  I said several times that the judge had reached a decision.  Where did you find me saying ruling?  The answer is you must have had a delusional moment.  Are those frequent with you?  Do me a favor Relmor... stop putting words into my mouth, you are not smart enough to even attempt it.

Was Relmor done?  Nope.  A third comment was then submitted:

"Let me try to explain this to you spencer. BOTH PARTIES AGREED. A judge has to approve the settlement and a third party tried to claim it was an unfair settlement (how nice of them.). Judge said nope, case over. Bye bye now."

Relmor, the fact that both parties agreed was a well known and established fact.  That is obvious.  If you followed the case at all you would realize that there was a third party as well as a fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, etc.  The objections were all separate parties.  Let me explain to you since we already know that your reading comprehension issues still seem to exist.  Neither Sirius XM nor Blessing will appeal the issue.  It is some of the OBJECTORS that might.  That being said, when they read the judges decision they may elect to forgo an appeal, but that is not yet known.

Folks, Relmor still was not done.  He actually opened his mouth and put out yet another comment:

"Who would be appealing anyway? THE PLAITIFFS AGREED TO THE SETTLEMENT!!"

Relmor, read the first response to your comment.  Then read the article.  repeat this process three or four times, or as long as it takes to have the words sink in.

You see, there are ways to handle situations professionally, and ways not to.  Relmor is a reactionary person who can't help himself.   He recently published a piece saying that the Certified Pre-Owned car deals were being counted in the retal channel instead of the OEM channel.  A simple phone call and Relmor would have known that this is not the case.  The CPO cars are counted in the OEM channel.  Did I go under his article and call him out on it?  No.  I sent him a private e-mail alerting him to the matter.  Did he make any attempt to correct the issue?  No, but then again we saw that type of behavior when he got the Liberty share issue wrong.  Does it really matter now?  No.  The company is no longer separating retail and OEM subscribers.  However, his theory in that piece was totally discredited by the fact that CPO cars are OEM and not retail.

For Boomer, who will likely complain about this piece and ask all to simply get along.  Consider the actions of Relmor and King of All Trades on this matter.  For other readers, my apologies for having to stoop into the mud and hand out a dope slap.