SiriusXM Answers Back In Howard Stern Intern Lawsuit

SiriusXM has wasted very little time in firing back on a potential class action lawsuit involving a former intern for the Howard Stern Show.  The suit alleges that SiriusXM failed to pay a non-paid intern and according to the plaintiff, Melissa Tierney was born from an alleged injury… → Read More

Sound Exchange Sues SiriusXM

It certainly did not take long for Sound Exchange to jump onto the lawsuit bandwagon on the heels of the Turtles lawsuit.  The latest suit centers around royalties for pre-February 1972 music played by the satellite radio provider.   Sound Exchange has no real authority to collect royalties… → Read More

Turtles File $100 Million Lawsuit Against SiriusXM

The Turtles are hoping that a lawsuit against SiriusXM could pave the way to new royalty protections.  The band is a lead plaintiff in a $100 million lawsuit against satellite radio provider SiriusXM.  It has been alleged that the company has infringed on millions of old recordings from… → Read More

DeLuca Case Against SiriusXM Gets Clarity

Last week I notified SiriusBuzz Premium members of some new litigation against the company.  The new cases at the time were a patent case and DeLuca v. SiriusXM.  Since then another patent case has been foiled and we now have more clarity on the DeLuca matter. DeLuca is an employee… → Read More

SiriusXM Sued by Miami Police Relief and Pension Fund

It never stops!  There will always be someone suing someone and SiriusXM is not immune.  The Miami Police Relief and Pension fund has filed a lawsuit alleging that the SiriusXM (NASDAQ:SIRI) board has not done enough to ward off the control attempts by Liberty Media (NASDAQ:LMCA). While papers… → Read More

Liberty Media’s $1 Billion Court Victory Could Have Sirius Impacts

Liberty Media (NASDAQ:LMCA) has won a landmark decision in a court case dating back to 2002 which could put about $1 Billion into its coffers, and perhaps as much as $2 Billion if the Liberty request for interest is accepted! The case, which involves the sale of Liberty’s… → Read More

SiriusXM Responds to SoundExchange Request for Summary Judgement

In a 30 page document filed with the court, Sirius XM (NASDAQ:SIRI) has officially responded to the request for Summary Judgement in a case that alleges consiracy against the royalty collection and distribution agency.  The battle is over alleged interference on the part of Sound Exchange and A2IM in… → Read More

Summary Judgement in Favor of Sirius XM in Shenk Case

Sirius XM (NASDAQ:SIRI) is on a winning streak of sorts when it comes to lawsuits.  In a preliminary ruling published on May 31st, Judge Rakoff found in favor of the defense and granted a summary judgement.  The decision has not yet had its written reasons published, but in… → Read More

Liberty Request to Control SiriusXM Denied

Today the U.S. Federal Communications Commission dismissed Liberty Media’s request for the licenses that would have given John Malone control over SiriusXM. It turns out “40 is not the new 50.” Mark one down for Mel Karmazin and the SiriusXM shareholders on this one. Although, at is hard… → Read More

Howard Stern Files Appeal in Lawsuit

It certainly did not take long for attorney’s from the Stern camp to get the paperwork together to file an appeal.  The original lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice and was first reported here at SiriusBuzz.   following the decision by Juge Barbara Kapnick, Howard Stern expressed dismay at the… → Read More