The Howard Stern Drama Begins

You didn’t have to be a rocket scientist or even a Howard Stern fan to predict what has now begun.  The Stern drama has started and will continue until he re-signs a deal, or exits his contract with Sirius XM. The latest is a classic example of something being taken out of context, and blown… → Read More

LogMeIn Ignition App May Pave Way for Listening to Howard Stern on iPhone

In an interesting turn of events, it is quite possible that an advertisement read on the air by Howard Stern himself could pave the way for Sirius XM subscribers to catch his show on Apple iPhones and the iPod Touch. Howard, unlike other high profile talent on Sirius XM, has not been touting the new… → Read More


Does Howard Stern Want a Bite Out of Apple?

Last week Sirius XM finally launched an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The app made big news in a couple of ways. First, the fact that Howard Stern was not available on the app was the major attention getter. The other newsworthy item is that despite Stern’s absence, the app has enjoyed a… → Read More


The Howard Stern Influence

When people talk about satellite radio, the name Howard Stern almost always arises. Whether you like him or not, Stern is a radio and media icon who’s influence on entertainment can not be doubted. Some look at Howard with a jaundiced eye because of his edgy style, but he is much more than that. His… → Read More


Howard Stern Free All Week on XM

Whether you like him or hate him, one truism exists about Howard Stern. He is popular and likely the biggest draw in satellite radio. Bearing that in mind, Sirius XM radio has rolled out a promotion that will give the subscribers to the XM side of the service a taste of Howard for free from… → Read More


Howard Stern Gives Blackberry, Twitter, and Facebook a Thumbs Up

Blackberry, Twitter, and Facebook have something to celebrate. After long deliberation, and personal reviews of many cell phones, Howard Stern has made his choice on which device will clip to his hip. The iPhone was in the running, but in the end it was the Blackberry Bold that got the nod of approval from The… → Read More


Howard Stern Back on Lycos Top Internet Searches 2008

After just missing the “honor” in 2007 Howard Stern is back on the Lycos most popular search, coming in at #8 on the top searched men list.  The top 10 men of 2008: Clay Aiken Barack Obama Heath Ledger Paul Newman John McCain Tupac Shakur Johnny Depp Howard Stern Travis Barker 50 Cent What I… → Read More


Too Fat To Fish Debuts at Number One on New York Times Best Sellers

Artie Lange has once again proved to American children across these great states, that anything really is possible. With his first book being described as “Outrageous, raw, and painfully funny true stories straight from the life of the actor, comedian, and much-loved cast member of The Howard Stern Show ”, Artie Lange has snagged the… → Read More


Where Is Howard?

When Howard Stern was going from terrestrial to satellite, he was everywhere. When he knew he was in a position to get some bonuses, he hit the circuit talking up Sirius. Lately he has not been anywhere. Howard did not earn a bonus last year, and this year getting a bonus seemed promised to be… → Read More


Opie And Anthony Provide Sirius Solution

The BEST OF programming on Sirius XM Radio may provide a shock jock solution for Sirius subscribers who love their Howard Stern, but express frustration on the days when Stern is on vacation, or when there are replays of the Stern show instead of a live show. It is no secret that Howard Stern gets… → Read More