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    Sirius Stock May 2011 Thread

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm slippin' May is here! Time for a new thread. Sirius stock ended today $2.07 on huge volume! CC this morning, didn't hear it. Anyone?
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    What do ya mean, never mind that! What's more important Sirius Stock at $2.07 or a half naked 'actress'?
    Don't answer that.

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    05-04-2011, 05:01 PM #3

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    No I did not.

    I spent most of my time there as a youngster, then a college kid. Now we pack up and go down to Chuck's neck of the woods. Once you go there a couple times, you get addicted to it. I grew up in (very) eastern PA - kind of like what Billy Joel sings about. Most did indeed, "spent their weekends at the Jersey shore", or the Pocono's - take your choice - either go get sand up your ass, or hang out with bears............ (I choose the sand; it washes off).

    But, yes, my liver would attest to tipping back more than a few............ And, yes, it's ok to look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by julietoo View Post
    make that 2.20 ! anyone seen Big Ben?

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    Quote Originally Posted by airman View Post
    make that 2.20 ! anyone seen Big Ben?
    Even better!! $2.22

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    Quote Originally Posted by john163888 View Post
    I see Tyler has some news on the OEM front and it looks to be good for the subcriber count front. If Tyler is correct and they get anywhere near that 1,246,623 (say 1,200,000) then I feel safe in saying that they will get (at least) 375,000 subs for the quarter. Always remember I am giving you a base line number and while there are subtractions that will have to be added in, the additions that I dont account for will almost always more then make up for any of those subtrations in subs such as a, higher churn will be cancelled out by retail.

    04-01-2011 11:25 PM

    Mel Karmazin

    Thanks, Hooper. Thank you, all, for joining us today. This morning, I want to spend a few minutes discussing our operations, updating you on our guidance for 2011, reviewing the competitive landscape and discussing our balance sheet and how we think about the cash we are generating.

    We are very pleased to report another strong quarter of subscriber revenue and adjusted EBITDA growth together with improving margins and increasing cash flow. We added 118% more subscribers in Q1 2011 than in Q1 2010. Net subscriber additions of more than 373,000 represented the strongest first quarter subscriber growth in the 3 years since Q1 2008. Gross subscriber additions during the quarter were up 19% to 2,052,000 on the back of higher OEM sales and improved reactivations of radios. We ended the quarter with over 20.5 million paying subscribers, a new record, to maintain our position as one of the largest subscription entertainment businesses in the world.
    Unlike Havasucker I have posted the link for what I said earlier. So the point being, watch how you come to your conclusions. Hey you can be like me for instance, I use 4 things (facts, logic, common sense, and history) correctly, I have been proven to be correct MOST (not all) of the time.
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    Funny, I was just thinking about Big Ben today as well Airman. What a ridiculous individual.

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    Well our fathers fought the Second World War
    Spent their weekends on the Jersey Shore
    Met our mothers at the USO
    Asked them to dance
    Danced with them slow
    And we're living here in Allentown

    Billy Joel Video (helps keep me in tune):[/QUOTE]

    "out in Bethlehem they're killing time..." That's a little closer.

    Big Ben!!! He checked out a long time ago. The dead money crew must have bored him. LOL.

    And why doesn't John show up more often. Commen sense, logic and such are needed here once in a while.
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    Sirius XM Files Answer to Stern Lawsuit

    Yeah-yeah, I know-I know . . I'm a big axe-grinder . . . you better invest in some new reading glasses Savery.

    It would be helpful if we dealt with the facts:

    Fact 1: Page 3, Paragraph G: Sirius is seeking dismissal on SUMMARY JUDGMENT WITH PREJUDICE;

    Fact 2: Page 13: Sirius is seeking dismissal WITH PREJUDICE AND REQUESTING AWARD OF COSTS AND LEGAL FEES.

    Very nice work by KRAMER LEVIN NAFTALIS & FRANKEL LLP . . . very nice in deed; concise, on point and not overdone; effective use of referring back to original complaint (keeps the billable hours down).

    Hopefully the request for dismissal with prejudice, on summary judgment, will in fact be granted and Sirius awarded costs and legal fees . . . let this be a lesson Stern:


    oh, btw . . . I'm not mad at you personally Howard, we're just having a "business argument," right pal?
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