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    About to pull the remaining hair out of my head.

    My SL100 went T.U. on me so I decided to get a head unit as well. So I purchase a new inexpensive Dual XDMA6540 and picked up a SXV100. The person at Best Buy who sold me the SXV100 said it would work. I installed everything and want to transfer my current subscription to the SXV100 only to find out I can't. Next time I need to ask questions a little differently. Because the SXV100 is XM hardware and my SL100 is Sirius. However I can activate the SXV100 and get my current lineup, but if I want Stern I have to pay an extra premium price for it. Then I ask if they had a Sirius unit that I can hide away and that will work with my head unit. Sirius "Hardware" department tells me we sure do. It's the SCC1 and it will work with your unit. I received it today and guess what. It will not work. The 8 pin din is round on the SCC1 and on the head unit it's has a flat spot on it.

    Does anyone know if there is an adapter that will work? Is there any other hardware such as SCC1 that will work?
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