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    More evidence that Sirius is losing out to Pandora

    I was looking at some entry level blue-ray players last weekend. I was looking for one that had Netflix streaming built in. To my horror, I noticed a number of them also had Pandora built in. This is more damning than having Pandora come with a cell phone. The cell phone app requires a specific high end phone with a data plan. These were budget blue-ray players and anyone with high speed internet could use them with Pandora.

    For Sirius to be successful it needs to be available everywhere. It needs to be in the car, in the home and on the go. It does a great job in the car. Sirius's support of home applications has been pathetic. There are a few internet radios that support Sirius. The Stiletto is an excellent WiFi device but they didn't include WiFi in the XMP3. Why? Finally on the go. No Iphone app, No blacKberry app. The Stiletto and XMP3 are fine if your outside but thats about it.

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    Yup, its scary. Did you know that slacker now comes in the new sony bravia flat screen TV's that have the internet video link feature?

    Pandora had an app on the palm pre 2 days after it was released (because they worked with the company behind the scenes). Looks like all of these companies are partnering up and getting into every delivery system they can. Palm needed a cool app for their launch and they went to Pandora to make that happen when it could have been sirius xm.

    Think of all the places slacker, pandora, and have been added free of charge and now imagine what sirius xm's numbers would be like if they were in all of those places. Sad really.

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    Sirius just has to get...well....SERIOUS about dominating the internet radio market like they do the car market.

    HOPEFULLY the LONG overdue iphone App will be all that we wanted and more. If they can strike a partnership with Apple with the rumored "Buy Now" button...and if they can go head to head with Pandora/Slacker and beat them at their own game things WILL turn around.

    Sirius HAS the content.

    Pandora and Slacker are free...yes. what cost to them? How long can they stay viable? How long before royalty fees bring them crashing down? Sure, being Free right now gives the false image that people prefer Pandora and Slacker over Sirius. But EVERYBODY downloads free stuff. I downloaded Pandora and Slacker. I play them every once in awhile. But the novelty wore off pretty quick.

    My point is, that both those services are more "work intensive" when compared to the ease of use and content advantage of Sirius. Much like I LOVE my ipod....unless you are a 15 year old kid who lives at home and spends 10 hrs a day downloading songs....most people don't have the time to create and update playlists like that. Ipods serve a purpose, but aren't "Music Discovery" products. Pandora and Slacker try...but it's still more of a "work intensive" effort to discover music and less organized than Sirius.

    NOTHING compares to the content and ease of use of Sirius. Plus Slacker and Pandora DO charge you if you get tired of NOT BEING ABLE TO SKIP more than 5 songs. Something you could do much easier and with more variety on Sirius.

    Like I said, TRUE music fans will get tired of Pandora and Slacker sooner than later. And they'll realize...."HEY! If I gotta pay to get a TRUE music experience....I might as well pay for a service like Sirius that gives me more variety, LIVE content, Sports etc.

    Sirius has to get Serious tho. They have to ATTACK the internet generation of players head on. They can't rest on their laurels just because they have better content. They can't just assume Pandora and Slacker will be crushed under heavy royalty fees and go away. I think eventually they will. But this is about making Sirius the hip/cool thing to have.

    Soon as Sirius can free up some cash to advertise and market their product, I think this shift can and will happen. But as a long suffering's understandable that we get impatient sometimes with management.

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    Thumbs down

    While catching up on old threads here, I see much of the questions asked here have been answered.

    The majority says, "the Sirius XM iPhone app sucks" (cost, no stern, etc).

    Pandora DID strike a deal to lessen the effect of the royalty act.

    Pandora's iPhone app > Siriux XM app.

    Ive said it numerous times to friends. I absolutely love satellite radio. I love the concept and product...I just hate what Sirius XM has become. How was I ever convinced that the merger would be a good thing. sigh. No competition...great.

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    have you personally used the Sirius Iphone app...or have you even used the pandora Iphone app...If you haven't used both of them...then your post is total BS. Low ratings on Siri app 90% due to no stern on app. The rating is supposed to be for the ease of use, functionality etc...not who is on/not on app.

    I have the Sirius Iphone app...for kicks ass...very user friendly...already had no cost to me...have not used pandora app...therefore i will refrain from commenting.

    Good luck listening to the NFL, CNBC, Nascar, Fox business etc on your pandora app...but don't listen to it too will cost you a dollar if you do...