Maybe you’ve never had the pleasure of listening to SiriusXM, maybe you walked away and it’s been a while. Whatever the case, if you turn on that inactive radio starting today, you will be able to listen to 60 channels of music, sports, talk and more for FREE.

This “Turn it Back ON” special offer from SiriusXM is set to run from August 29th until September 11th giving everyone 14 days of gratis service sure to leave them wanting more. Whether its a plug and play radio or a factory installed system in your car, all you have to do is power on and enjoy.

The only problem is, without your help, no one will ever know so, tell your friends, tell your family, retweet this post, and do whatever it takes to bring a few moments of free joy to the people you care about most. I guess I have a to go call my Dad now.