siriusbuzz-radio-logo1.gifSiriusBuzz Radio is coming at you live this Thursday from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM. That’s right, we are broadcasting live DURING the Sirius XM Q2 conference call. To make things even better, SiriusBuzz Radio features a live chat room where you can all interact with each other while the call is happening. SiriusBuzz Radio will also broadcast a second show at 4:00 PM that will detail all of the action of the day. Two shows in one day encompassing all of the information you need in one place.

Why be on the air at the same time as Mel and company? Simply stated so that you, the SiriusBuzz reader and listener can get instant reaction as the conference call happens. Investors can replay the Sirius XM conference call any time, but you only have minutes (or perhaps even seconds) to make your decisions about the news of the call. With a live chat room you can see a wide variety of opinion from your peers, while at the same time getting Tyler’s instant reaction to the news of the quarter.

The company typically releases their quarterly report about an hour before the call. Reaction to the published news will begin in pre-market, and because this special edition of SiriusBuzz Radio will also be happening pre-market, you have a chance to get perspective, analysis, and informed opinions prior to the opening bell.

This type of live show has never been attempted with satellite radio blogs before, but the value to Sirius XM investors is clear. Live show, instant analysis, and instant reaction in a live chat room. After the show, the discussion will continue in greater depth in the SiriusBuzz Forums INTRAWEEK THREAD 8-3-09.

The second show will detail all of the happenings of the day. What was the media reaction to the call? How did it impact the price of the stock? Is the media focusing on the right metrics? SiriusBuzz always gives readers a unique perspective that goes into greater detail than the mainstream. We help investors understand the metrics, and what they mean to the company. This is also your chance to vent about what happens in the mainstream media.

This special edition of SiriusBuzz Radio is certain to give you concise analysis and opinion that simply is not available anywhere else, or in any other format. Callers are welcomed to participate by dialing 347-945-7995, but due to the nature of the morning show, we will not take callers until after the conference call has concluded. The afternoon show will take callers throughout.

Join SiriusBuzz for Acurate In Depth Analysis, And Out Of This World Coverage that brings you the news in a format that you can act on and participate in.

Position – Long Sirius XM Radio