google-logoHeavy hitters like Google breaking into the streaming music arena has always been a concern for companies trying to make it in that tough business, and now it seems as though that often discussed hypothetical is about to come true.

The Financial Times is reporting that Google is in talks with major music labels in an effort to launch their own streaming music service.

It is easy to assume that this new venture for Google would include both subscription and “free” access supported by their almost monopolistic online advertising platform like many of the current fan favorites. Not only does Google have deep pockets but they also have something the competition does not, a vast reaching experienced ad sales team, and millions of advertisers plugged into their AdWords service.

As if that were not enough, one could easily imagine Google pre-installing this new music streaming product and integrating it into their ever expanding network of mobile, tablet, and now high end laptop hardware devices – much like Apple does with iTunes on all of its products. Competing with free AND preinstalled won’t be easy.

Will Google soon dominate the music streaming landscape or will they fall short, much like they did when trying to break into social with Google+? With their deep pockets and built in ad sales team, failing won’t be easy but, even if they do, they could spend years putting pressure on the competition, bleeding them dry.