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    NAB Countermeasures

    I read Tyler's article today about the NAB. Now who would've thought that the NAB would try to trump satellite radio when it comes to enabling musician's success? I am astounded, really ... Not!

    There is one (not the only but a) simple countermeasure to the undermining of SatRad's many values. Use the First Amendment and terrestrial radio to support Sirius XM. It's clear that the NAB and advertising-hungry terrestrial radio operators will directly and indirectly bash satellite radio at every opportunity.

    This morning on a local AM radio station that I listen to on the way to work (because I like a certain call-in show), the jock, a decent enough guy, received a call pertaining to the necessities in life. Along the way through the call the jock took an opportunity to agree with the caller's position that automakers need to get back to the basics. Get back to manually operated windows instead of electric, offer only fabric instead of leather, and so forth in order to get the cost of a new car purchase down--then maybe people would start buying cars again. The dialog struck a chord until the jock mentioned that XM radio (maybe he doesn't know about the merger) is not a necessity and that new cars are equipped with it and new car purchasers get months of free satellite radio service but then need to become paying subscribers--"and most don't." I almost pulled off the road to call the station, but I waited until I got to work, where I prepared talking points and then called. When my call was answered I said my purpose was not to debate necessities but rather to repspectfully point out that XM--"actually Sirius XM as of a merger with Sirius Radio in July"--is desired by new car buyers. Knowing that I only had a moment or two to make some points, I added that the churn rate (which the jock understood and described for listeners) was less than 50% because most new car owners who become SatRad listeners choose to become paying subscribers, because they love the service. I also got to add that Sirius XM has signed deals with all major auto makers including now BMW.

    Hey, if I can get some licks in for Sirius XM then anybody can--and more people should. Doing so creates an irony in that it leverages terrestrial radio to satellite radio's advantage. Jot down your local terrestrial talk radio station numbers and be prepared to soldier for the cause.

    Long SIRI.

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    Nice job PMO.