I wrote my 2 Senators and Congressman the following...

Dear Sir,

I am a "small investor". After a substantial rally in SiriusXm Radio(SIRI) stock yesterday,Goldman Sachs analyst Mark Wienkes issued a "sell" rating on this stock today. The result was a drop in the stock price from 42 cents to 31 cents. The timing of this analyst report immediately after a rise of 40% in SIRI stock is EXTREMELY SUSPICIOUS to me seeing as Goldman holds convertibles of SIRI stock.

It would seem that after yesterday's sharp rise, investors who had significant short positions would face heavy losses, should yesterday's rally continue.Mr Mark Wienkes analysis could be coincidence, but logic dictates it was to support Goldman Sachs's or their clients short position.

Please investigate the timing of Wienkes past "releases" and if indicated ARREST and INDICT and CONVICT these people for market manipulation. Market manipulation will only stop when the penalty is SEVERE.

The fact that taxpayer dollars are being used to prop up these institutions is and insult to law abiding citizens.

Thank you in advance for ANY HELP.