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    Goldman slacks and a question?

    IT makes you wonder WHY goldman slacks keeps changing its outlook on sirius xm every month from 2.00 -1.50 - 1.00 - .50 - now .25? and why does such a small company demand such scrutany and close minute to minute analizing?? when freed and fanny dropped like a rock and they never said a word or google and msft dont have a change in there price target even after the lower guidance??? sounds fishy!! so do you think that they are manipulating the stock for there own gain and the bond holders?? Its almost a joke how predictable it was, we had some good news and a pop in price only to be kicked in the balls once again. It makes me think they killed the price + momentum to get in at a better price as we are going in to q3!!

    just a thought.. peace..

    WAR// steelers bouncing back , .99% stackers at wendys and sirius xm blowing q 3 up and crushing goldman slacks..

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    I don't think they're bashing to get in at a better price. They're bashing to pressure the company to issue a new convertible bond. GS owns just shy of half of those bonds that expire in Feb. AND they have a hedged short position that they're making a killing on. They'd like to keep that game going.

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    Yes that the point the asholes have there own agenda and its not a valid statment to the real price and value of the company or outlook.. just a buch of crooks

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    now that their a bank you think they would give Sirius a loan at a decent rate. Wouldnt they make more on their long position than at a 30 cent stock

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    I think its because they want more convertible shares in exchange for the existing debt and the lower the value the more shares it will take to pay them???