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    Wienkes is never right. The price always goes lower than his target.

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    Quote Originally Posted by winagain35 View Post
    Wienkes contends that the company’s inability or unwillingness to
    have previously refinanced its capital structure “is now unlikely to preserve much, if any, equity value.”
    "Unwillingness to have previously refinanced it's capital structure?"

    What do you think he's referring to here?

    Remember Mel's remarks in September, that "we have been contacted by the holders of those bonds, who said, gee, we'd really like another piece of convert."

    This is blackmail pure and simple. GS wants a new convertible in February and Mel said no. So they punish the stock to try and force his hand.
    Isn't the investment arm and the analyst arm of a firm supposed to separated by law?

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    Write your Senators and Congress Rep...

    I sent this email to them....

    Dear Sir,

    I am a "small investor". After a substantial rally in SiriusXm Radio(SIRI) stock yesterday,Goldman Sachs analyst Mark Wienkes issued a "sell" rating on this stock today. The result was a drop in the stock price from 42 cents to 31 cents. The timing of this analyst report immediately after a rise of 40% in SIRI stock is EXTREMELY SUSPICIOUS to me seeing as Goldman holds convertibles of SIRI stock.

    It would seem that after yesterday's sharp rise, investors who had significant short positions would face heavy losses, should yesterday's rally continue.Mr Mark Wienkes analysis could be coincidence, but logic dictates it was to support Goldman Sachs's or their clients short position.

    Please investigate the timing of Wienkes past "releases" and if indicated ARREST and INDICT and CONVICT these people for market manipulation. Market manipulation will only stop when the penalty is SEVERE.

    The fact that taxpayer dollars are being used to prop up these institutions is and insult to law abiding citizens.

    Thank you in advance for ANY HELP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spanyo View Post
    Wienkes is never right. The price always goes lower than his target.
    Giggidy Giggidy!

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    Sub sales will not be off this year. Mel even stated in the Autoline interview they are hitting the numbers, it is almost November. 2008 is almost history.

    Mel even went as far as to say they will hit the numbers in 2009, and maybe even improve the savings to over 425 million in synergies.

    Think about that for a minute, Mel is stating that the subs will be just as good in 2009 because of the penetration rates. Barring
    a complete melt down of the auto industry and that is not going to happen.

    Even at 12 million units we are fine in 2009

    If the lending is relaxed and new car sales increase to 13 to 16 million units in 2009, Then Katey better bar the door.

    So someone is a LYING DOG, and I don't think it is the Sirius Dog Mel.

    That leaves Wienkes.

    The only Problem Mel eluded to with concern is the Re-Fi's. If that can be serviced I believe we will be profitable at the end of 2009.

    If we can get the Re-Fi' serviced we are home free finally. At the end of 2009 SiriusXM will not be trading in pennies but dollars, and also will be profitable for the first time.

    It means we have finally met our fixed high costs and are producing profit beyond it.

    It will also be the begining of the profit increasing every year then after. Do the math at 2 million subs a year.

    Wienkes is full of shit.

    Let me say that again, WIENKES is full of shit

    Sirius needs to get the Re-fi favorably, forget the reverse split, and forget issueing more shares.

    In 2011 SiriusXM should be buying back shares.



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    Wienkes needs a swift kick to the balls. He is a lying sack of shit. We will know in about a week.

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    Here is the lying sack of shit home & work info I found on Google:

    Anybody that feels screwed by Mark Wienkes' criminal attack on Sirius XM-feel free to have at this a-hole.

    Mark D Wienkes

    252 W 30th St, Apt 5B

    New York, NY 10001-4946

    (212) 268-5965

    Listing Details
    Age: 35-39

    Household: Sara
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    Mark Wienkes

    85 Broad St

    New York, NY 10004-2434

    (212) 902-1000

    Listing Details
    Job title: Vice President

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    GS starting to sweat?

    Just my opinion, but here goes... Sirius goes up and out comes GS, The Street, ect within hours to "just say no" to anything that might effect the stock in a positive manner; my take is that GS & co are just buying some time for their buddies to cover shorts that may be in danger of missing the mark. I worked for several big companies before going out on my own, and one thing that I remember vividly is that there is plenty of valuable info that just can not be kept secret. If sub adds are actually on target and costs are going down, GS is probably hearing about it from their sources inside the company & the shorts need to blow town before the Q3 call and reevaluate. They need a window of time to do this in the most cost effective manner. ******** is just trying to buy them some time. All this stuff is a felony, but as is the case with most white collar crime, the people who do it are smart, motivated, and to some extent protected by the system. Lets hope somebody at SEC will take a good look at this... it would be hard to prove, but if any law enforcement even got close and asked some questions the number of short shares would drop overnight

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