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    CNBC's FAST MONEY gives Sirius NO love.

    Sirius XM got mentioned on Fast Money's "POPS & DROPS" segment after POPPING 40 % in one day.

    And of COURSE the stock still gets no love.

    Mackey even bragged that he had both Sirius AND XM in his cars and he loved the service...but then proceeded to BASH the STOCK.

    Same with Cramer...who NEVER even mentions Sirius anymore. But even as he did a 180 and started bashing the stock...he praised the service.

    There is SUCH a disconnect between the product and the stock.

    I'm beginning to wonder if refinancing the debt will erase it. My fear is that this hatred for the stock is SO ingrained in the minds of wall street that it will take an act of GOD to change people's attitudes towards it.

    I mean if a stock shoots up 40% on a day when MOST of the market is down...and gets no love....WHAT WILL IT TAKE????

    I know we are still in the pennies....but COME ON.

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    And of course, like clockwork, Weinkes from GS just downgraded Sirius with a .25 cent price target.

    I was WONDERING when he'd get around to this. He had downgraded the stock the other week but never changed his .50 cent price target which left people wondering if it was a weak "upgrade" considering that the stock was below .50 cents at the time.

    Perhaps Weinkes wanted to let the stock run up again like it has these last couple of days before whacking it down again with his new .25 cent target. That way him and his buddies at GS could make even more money shorting it.

    I know people keep saying GS is always "right"...BUT...

    Goldman is "right" only in the sense that, let's say, I'd be "right" if I told my neighbor that his life wasn't worth a plug nickel and then the next day I took a shotgun and shot him.
    Goldman is the perpetrator of all this stock price manipulation b/s.

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    If SiriusXM stays on track and gets favorable re-fi's, no reverse split, no issue of more shares, and makes money in 2009 all will be forgiven.

    Until then the shorts with GS leading the attack will continue.

    SiriusXM has to produce profit. Until then the shorts will have a field day with this stock like they have for years. Look at it from their side, it is the gift that keeps on giving.

    They took it all the way down to .22, Now they will run it up and run it down and we will watch.

    Need profit. Then the shorts will go find some other stock to try and lay waste to.

    GS didn't waste any time taking the place of BofA did they? They always need a driver.


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    Thats ALOT of "ifs" Vaporgold.

    In a perfect world, and with MOST other stocks...I'd have TREMENDOUS confidence.

    But this is Sirius....and I've learned to NOT expect ANYTHING.

    Even when we get GOOD news we get hammered.

    If the merger hype taught me ANYTHING it is to remove ALL hope and expectation with regards to Sirius from my mind.

    YES the refinancing is a MUST. But we HAVE to do it without a 1 for 50 reverse split or further dilution.

    I guess the GOOD news is that we KNOW for sure that we will find out soon. Because the debt MUST be dealt with by February....AND the RS issue will be voted on December 18th.

    SOON we will have the answers to these questions that plague us.

    I don't have cash right now....but if I can scrounge up 1 to 2 more grand between now and then...I may just say WHAT THE **** and throw it into Sirius as a last desperate Hail Mary of hope to average down enough where I can get out on a small pop.

    I am not contradicting myself, because I stand by my conviction that IF I didn't already have so much invested(trapped) in Sirius....I wouldn't go NEAR this stock until AFTER the whole RS and debt issue was settled.

    But the fact is that my "break even" point is 600% higher than the current price and I am trapped.

    This is the ONLY reason I'd be willing to throw one last chunk of money into Sirius and HOPE that no 1 for 50 RS happens. It's the only reason I'd be willing to risk it, because at this point, I've got nothing left to lose. My initial 30 grand investment is now worth about a grand.

    Throwing another grand into it if it hits 20 cents again, is about ALL the chance I have left of MAYBE breaking even again on good news about refinancing.

    I want OUT.

    And if I lose...then I'm out another grand. Big whoop. At this point...I've already accepted the fact that the other 30 grand is gone.

    I just want this to be over.

    And if a miracle happened? I'd STILL be out faster than you can say "Stock Manipulation". Because I am DONE with this stock.

    If I was EVER lucky enough to get out at break even, I'd count my blessings and NEVER look back.

    I don't care WHAT it does afterward.

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    CNBC is part of the blame for this entire mess. They are entertainment station not really true stock predictors. They need to be investigated too.

    On november 11th cnbc will be having a special on prostitution. How low can they stoop to get ratings covering trash and the illegal high end hookers. CNBC is a stock bashing whore itself.
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