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    10-23-2008, 05:12 PM #1

    I finaly did it....well almost

    not that anyone cares, but I sold half my position for huge loss. I do feel a little bit better to finally let go of the stress and worry. The other half is going to be with me for a while and when I do sell I will always keep 1 share to remind me never to make the investment mistakes I made with siri again.

    I used that money to increase my position in another investment.

    I am going to take off on the 18th and go to that meeting and hit the bar right afterwards....well see if mell will spring for the tab

    I also think i am going to cancel my service, I love it but screw them I will download Howard like everyone else.

    I will also try to only look at this stock on Thursdays only, I like siriusbuzz radio, funny, as great as this site is and all the hard work everyone puts into it, I almost wish i never found it if I was stuck in the yahoo message boards I would have been scared out of this stock a while ago.

    This site is like a drug I will have to force myself not to look at it 10 times a day (guys you are on to something I wish you would give your input on other stocks.

    go Yankees

    sox suck

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    10-23-2008, 05:16 PM #2
    This belongs in the stock talk forum...

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    10-23-2008, 05:20 PM #3
    hey if it makes you feel better thats all that matters.And i dont blame you for wanting to cancel your subs. I'll be doing the same. Im down a boat load like everyone else. I just cant pull the trigger at .25 I'll just take my chances from here. Good luck to you and maybe we'll meet at the meeting. Im thinking about going also. Only a few hour drive.

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    10-23-2008, 05:29 PM #4
    Sorry to hear you sold some today sal...GO YANKEES

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    10-23-2008, 05:51 PM #5

    Why Sell Now?


    I understand that folks are scared (as I am) that all of our investments could be completely lost if SIRI goes bankrupt.....but BK is the ONLY thing that could make things worse than they are right now.

    BK IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. R/S maybe, BK no.

    This company WILL show meaty cost saving synergies by Q1 2009. They are chopping heads by the hundreds on the XM side as we speak and trimming the fat as best they can, wherever they can.

    For 25 cents, this is the GREATEST UPSIDE opportunity to buy anywhere in the market right now. Think about it (without emotion)-One silly Starbucks crappa-frappaccino is worth 10 shares of SIRI stock right now. There is no chance for ROI on that coffee once you've consumed it....but that cup of coffee could be easily worth $50 (of SIRI stock) in 2011, if you buy now.

    So....keep the faith, drink the FREE office Green Mountain coffee from the tap, put those 10 shares vs. the Starbucks treat in your portfolio and enjoy the fluffy nest egg in 2011.

    Selling now is NOT a logical or pragmatic option.

    Cheers friends,

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    10-23-2008, 05:52 PM #6

    I'm still long. It's all in or bust! The dice has been rolled and I don't see snake eyes.

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    10-24-2008, 01:40 AM #7 Fight to take back our company. 714-927-5898

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    10-24-2008, 02:02 AM #8
    Hartleib -

    Stop spewing all this negative crap with the stock down at .25. It's not helping anyone with your conspiracy theories.

    Clayton is a crook and he is the one who brought in NFL & Stern and raised things to another level with Sirius/XM spending on content. He's the prick that cashed out just like he did with Global CRossing - the real Teflon Don.

    Mel was brought in to clean up this mess & the merger would never have turned out this way without the ****in NAB and all the other corrupt politicians and want everything for free minority groups stalling this thing for an extra 7 months.

    It was not his fault that this happenned and that the world credit markets seized and have virtually collapsed.

    Authorzing additional shares may be required to survive & RS likely will be required at some point to avoid delisting at the minimum.

    Mel is ripping into the company overhead right now, cutting mostly XM overhead, but also Sirius. The merger synergies are real and I'd bet they are in the 500M in '09 when Mel finishes cutting the fat. Mid-Nov we'll have a new lean and mean company as a single marketing message for the holidays and beyond.

    I'd bet the 270M in Feb will be handled partly with Cash, partly with term loan and partly with shares & May will have to be a term loan or they could look at a sale leaseback of a satellite or two, just like XM did at one point, maybe some more share dilution, but it will get done.

    There is no conspiracy here - your losing it man. I don't blame you for wanting to get your $ back, but spreading this nagative crap is hurting present shareholders. Going private could happen, but that doesn't mean it was a conspiracy and what they ultimately want here. With the amount of shares and options the executives have, they would benefit much more by getting this stock to much higher levels in the coming years.

    We need some positive going forward !

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    10-24-2008, 10:49 AM #9
    Quote Originally Posted by sxminvestor View Post
    The merger synergies are real and I'd bet they are in the 500M in '09 when Mel finishes cutting the fat.
    The problem is that what is being trimmed isn't "fat." The value of the content is being destroyed. There must be plenty of synergies to reap without destroying the product. The decisions now being made go way beyond arguing about Djs and style. No one is this bad at programming. The only conclusion that I can reach is that management is deliberately trying to destroy the value of the company.

    I really resisted joining Mr. Hartleib on this until very recently. I never believed that there were interoperable radios. What has happened recently is just too much. I have lost all faith in management and I am completely against any further dilution of the stock.

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    10-24-2008, 01:35 PM #10
    Pinball Wizard,

    Could you lay out exactly how you think the value of the content is being destroyed? I thought they were doing a good job of merging/consolidating content. Maybe I'm missing something on the big picture though.


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