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    Michael, thank you for acknowledging my due diligence, but I have no particular expertise of this company's corporate governance. I simply, as already stated, followed the bread crumbs through Google to get the information I needed. I doing my due diligence, and sharing my findings, I am already helping shareholders make more informed decisions. At this time I respectfully decline joining your efforts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmm232 View Post
    I think most of us understand where you are coming from Tyler. However, I think some of the discontent comes from the fact that you provided a platform for Michael with the special and then followed it up with him being on the Thursday show. I think all of the negativity is apparent in the markets right now.

    I would love to see an opposing view. Even better would be word from Sirius. I realize that we are likely in a quiet period so nothing new will come out, but there really is no reason for Sirius not to come out and reassure investors.
    People do not have to agree with everything here. that is part of the "American Way". Yes, doing the interview with Michal provided him a platform. I did it the way I did with a purpose. People could hear his opinions, think about them, and then develop not only a reasoned opinion, but ask questions based on the reasoned opinion on the thursday show.

    I did not want raves and rants for questions on the live show because it would not accomplish much of anything. Intelligent discussion was what I was seeking.

    To that end, I am trying to get an opposing viewpoint on board for a show. That is a bit of a challenge. Sirius XM is likely in the middle of many things right now, so there is not much that they can add. Analysts work for their firms, and in many cases can not make public comments that would be needed on a show such as ours. This limits the ability such a show into being.

    Stay tuned though
    Tyler Savery
    Satellite Standard Founder

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    To bad and good luck. I wiil debate any opposing view. No takers WAKE-UP PEOPLE.

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    Homer, I think that would be a brilliant idea. Contact Tyler about maybe putting a peice together.

    As far as Micheal goes, anyone who spends any time in these forums know that there were several people asking Tyler for an interview or an article about Micheal Hartlieb. He delivered, and no gets a little flack from the opposing side. Cant please everyone.

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    With all due respect for your belief that you were mislead or wronged by Sirius.

    The main reason people including myself were talking about a class action suit, was if Mel and company try to drive the stock price down, with reverse splits etc, and then try to take the company private.

    Under those conditions I believe you would see a huge uprising from the stockholders to start a class action suit, get an injunction to stop any sale and then pursue it in the courts.

    I also believe you see the recent dismay with stockholders as an opportunity to increase your flock to fight a battle that is yesterday news and over.

    My question to you would be as follows.

    If Mel is able to get the fianancing for the Feb note, extended terms on the May and Dec notes which seems to be achiveable.The stock price begins rising, no reverse splits, limited issue of any more stock or none at all.

    How much damage are you going to cause SiriusXM? How much costs will SiriusXM have to spend on attorney fees to cover ground they already have with you?

    How much will it cost me as a stockholder?

    I am here to try and make money, not join a crusade unless it is warranted by current or future actions of SiriusXm mangement that cause harm to the stockholders.



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