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    SiriusBuzz Radio Special Edition

    If you have not listened yet, there is a special edition of SiriusBuzz Radio available. Simply click on the link in the sidebar of the main site. This edition featured a conversation with Michael hartleib. If listeners have questions for Mr. Hartleib, they can post them here. Also tune in this Tursday when Mr. Hartleib will take callers questions.
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    I love conspiracy theories, but the only conspiracy theory I believe with this stock is that it is going way down, only to go WAY UP. Mel has not lost any of MH's money. If he stops his rabble rousing and legal actions, he will eventually make his money back and more. Whatever happened to the firmware upgrade to make the radios interoperable that MH claimed there was? I suppose if there was some big cover-up then SIRI can't release this upgrade. But I am willing to go out on a limb and say that if it was possible, they would do it now.

    MH has a lot invested but has not lost anything if he doesn't sell. Wanting his money back now does not make it so. Legal action is certainly not going to make this process go anymore quickly.

    Sirius is losing less money each quarter. That means they ARE going to be profitable. There was a lot of pain acquiring the huge spectrum that they now have. But huge pain will likely lead to HUGE gain in my opinion.

    Everyone can do what they want, but I will wait patiently for my returns. I will not jump on his shortsighted bandwagon. As the stock price goes down, my share count will go up.

    What would MH do if he sold for a buck and then the stock eventually made it to $10? What would his lawsuit be then?

    Love or hate Mel, I would suppose he feels he has something to prove here and would lend to money himself just to save face. I believe that those that stick with him will be on he winning end of his mission. The losers will be early sellers.

    When you tell someone to F off (i.e. lawsuits etc.) they are more likely to treat you in like fashion.

    Now if someone wants to say "Hey Sirius what can us shareholders do to help?", then sign me up.
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    If Hartleib was correct about anything he has said, then why hasn't any major news organization run with this? The kind of stuff Hartleib is talking about is solid gold news and anyone would jump at the chance to break a story like this.